Pretty Pastels

It’s that time of year again – the time when I put away my favorite color of clothing {black} and turn towards the pretty pastels of springtime!

Today was the first day I brought out my Robin’s Egg Blue Kate Spade purse ~ I bought this purse last year on sale and have loved using it ever since! This purse is my absolute favorite color and also the perfect size for holding all my necessities (and fun extras)! It’s rounded top gives it a more unique shape than other typical bags that are popular right now to set itself apart. I also love the inside pinstripe pattern that deeply contrasts the outside solid color. My exact bag is sadly no longer available but this one is very similar in the color “fresh air”!IMG_7558


I also brought out my favorite nail polish for the spring / summer: Essie Turquoise & Caicos! It’s the same color as my purse, laptop case, towels, some dresses, my bed spread, the current color of my blog… basically it’s my absolute favorite color! You can always find me wearing this on my nails and I have 3-4 bottles always on hand so I never run out 🙂 To see it online, click here. (It says it’s a “green” but it looks pretty turquoise-y to me!)

IMG_7560 IMG_7559

I am always happy when I bring out my pastels because that means the weather is warming up and the summer sun will soon be upon us!


A Dog Ate My Test?

I woke up at 6:45am this morning to begin studying for my Business Law exam that would start in just 3 hours…. I was completely stressed out all week with sorority-related events to prepare for, 2 interviews for a summer internship, and classes with loads of work in each. With all of the work load I completely forgot about my very important test this Friday morning.

I studied before my 9am class and then quickly ran through more flash cards on the walk from my first class to the business school building. My head was still down and reviewing my flash cards when I walked through the door but when I looked up a huge beautiful Border Collie was sitting front row in one of the seats! My professor told us earlier in the semester that he loved dogs and although none are allowed inside University buildings, my professor said he wouldn’t tell anyone if someone wanted to bring theirs into class. One of the guys in my class decided to bring Pharo into class this morning and it was surely a delight!

I made my way to my usual seat (two behind Pharo’s newly claimed seat) and when I sat down the precious dog came and sat right next to me! It looked up at me and I immediately dropped my flashcards and pet him. Just like that all of my stress drifted away. The relaxing effect of simply petting an animal is incredible. Within 10 seconds my mood bounced up ten-fold, my blood pressure probably dropped to normal levels for the first time in days, and all of the stress in my world just vanished for the moment. 

I could take my test without the chaos running around in my brain and as I started it, I realized that I truly did understand the content. Pharo completely turned my entire day around and I am so incredibly grateful to that (usually annoying) guy in my class for bringing him today or all days – right for our test.

Stress is rough. Everyone has to deal with it at some point in their life, in varying quantities. I personally don’t deal with stress very well but I’m learning to take it all into perspective, just as Pharo did for me this morning!

Spring Revamping

It seems that when the seasons change, so does my blogging intentions…

Let me know what you think of my new header!

I began this blog not as a source of attention but rather to just practice my writing skills and to keep a steady routine. This is my first 2015 post and hopefully I will have more time to keep this up!

Let’s catch up on life.

So far in 2015 I have been super busy! The only way I can keep up with all my meetings and activities is with this little beauty:

2015 Kate Spade Agenda Planner

After coming back from aboard, I moved into a beautiful & luxurious new apartment right across from school, and have started living a “young adult life!” I’m not sure if I would have remained so calm had it not been for the gorgeous weather and lifestyle here in San Diego.

 My favorite part about my new apartment? Decorating it with gifts I brought back from being abroad last semester! Didn’t catch my adventures? Check my posts out here: ! My favorites:

Tapestry from Barcelona, Spain:


Tile from Sintra, Portugal:

Painting from Havana, Cuba:

And that’s what I’ve been up to so far! Spring semester is always busy and with all of my organizations on campus and schoolwork I am one of the busiest bees buzzing around San Diego. Hope everyone is staying calm and enjoying the nice spring air, I definitely need to take a few more moments of my day to do so!

Did Ya Miss Me?

Hello everyone! I’m finally back from my incredible experience abroad. I feel like a completely new person from all my adventures and I would love to share them with you. There were soooo many though so I won’t bore you to death – I’ll spread out them out.

I hope everyone has had a healthy and happy past few months ~ can’t wait to start blogging again!


Travel Itinerary Changes

New post at my abroad blog: which describes my travel itinerary changes that were just announced. Be sure to follow this if you are interested, because I will be posting there while on my 108 day voyage around the world! [Link also found in my Travel tab]
Due to the recent Ebola outbreak in Senegal, my voyage will no longer be going to the countries of Senegal and Ghana and will instead re-route to the ports of Civitavecchia, Italy and Barcelona, Spain.
If you haven’t checked already (which you definitely should have!) my previous abroad plans can be found in the Travel tab on this blog – unfortunately I am not able to change the page until I have WiFi (which will be in a few days when I arrive at our next port in Poland) but I will be sure to do that when I can.
Hope everyone is safe and healthy; please join me in praying for a cure for Ebola~

Leila (Lay·la)

I woke up this morning and she was already curled up next to my pillow with her head on my outstretched arm. Such happiness from such a tiny creature. Every time you see her she lights up with joy and just loves to be around people. I’m not talking about a sister or a child, but in fact it’s my princess of a puppy: Leila.
IMG_7201.JPGMost people love their pets, but I’m about 99.9% sure that my dog is the cutest and happiest dog on this planet. Everyone who meets her falls in love – I have two cousins allergic to dogs but since Leila is hypoallergenic they love to play with her. I have friends afraid of dogs but always make an exception when it comes to Leila. Even my mom made this huge fuss over getting a puppy (took 10 years to convince her) and now she can’t imagine life without her.
IMG_2759-1.JPGLeila is a 6 (and a half!) year old Cavachon: a mix between a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and a Bichon Frisé. She has all the grace and intelligence of a Cavalier but the energy and friendliness of a Bichon. Leila was the runt of her litter and weighs in at a full-grown 18-23 pounds (depending on how many treats we spoil her with.. Oops).
When I go on long vacations, leave for each new semester of college, or when I will soon be exploring the world, she is the one who I miss so much.

Summer Days Slipping Away

“To ah-oh those summer nights”

So summer is sadly slipping away and it’s about time I talk about my summer favorites – before it becomes fall! I was going to make this post at the beginning of the summer, but the truth is: I didn’t really know what my summer favorites were until the summer actually came.

My favorite summer nail shade:

I’ve gotten this color put on my nails 4 times this summer at the salon; I’m obsessed!

(pretty sure the picture is linked to the correct polish color!)

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 10.32.17 PMIMG_1527

My favorite summer jewelry:

I was given this double heart, silver, cable collection David Yurman bracelet as a gift from my sweet sixteen and just started wearing it again this summer. I love how it’s not too dangly and it’s a timeless piece of jewelry!

(similar but not exact – mine is 4 years old!)

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 10.41.40 PM

My favorite summer bag:

Newly purchased; my Michael Kors Sophie Messenger Crossbody Bag. Love Love Love this! It’s big enough to hold a bunch of stuff but is still a structured and lightweight cross body bag. Mine is in the Cedar color and matches perfectly with everything!

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 10.45.55 PMIMG_1617

My favorite summer sandals:

I live in these. I wanted gladiator sandals so badly for about 2-3 years now (I wanted them before the trend!) but couldn’t find a pair I fell in love with. Steve Madden’s Plato sandal in Cognac color. Sadly I think these are sold out everywhere but you could definitely opt for the taller “Ceaserr” model by Steve Madden!

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 10.49.41 PMIMG_1614

Those are all my summer bests! Can’t believe summer is slipping away, but soon it will be time for some fall fun while I travel abroad – I don’t have much time to grieve over summer!

Our Mini-PGA Tour

Who is leading in the PGA tour? Not sure… but I could tell you who won our night game of mini golf! I played with my aunt, uncle, and my 13 year old cousin. I’m all for a little competitive mini golf, but I was certainly not prepared for the wrath of a 13-year old only child.IMG_2182

We went to our favorite, now traditional, mini golf place for an evening of screaming kids and flying colored golf balls. When I messed up a stroke it was always “that counts!” but when a 13-year old only child messes up the first 4 strokes (they landed on other holes entirely…) then it’s “I get a do-over”. The adult in me just laughs it off, but the very predominant child in me finds this highly unfair.

Look really hard in the shadows of the bells of doom to find my lonely golf ball.

For example, this is where my ball ended up in one hole (see above). No, not the one in the light behind the bells, the one in the shadows directly next to the bells. Everytime they make a noise, it counts as a stroke and you better believe I made several rings. Followed almost immediately by a “I heard that! I heard that!”IMG_2190

But despite the craziness of keeping up with a teenage only-child in a competitive game of miniature golf, I am very glad I went to relive some of my favorite childhood experiences!

(And between you and me, if I counted all my cousins “do-overs” as strokes – I would have won my a long shot!)